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Project Area

Case Study

Strengthening of Migrant workers


Migrant community is most vulnerable community towards exploitation. Migrant’s works in hazardous situation and this condition become more critical when migrants don’t have any kind type of work related skill and documents to prove their identity at destination end. Pepus is engaged to strengthen the such type of migrant community by making their identity card and delivery of counseling on precaution before migration for ensuring the safer migration through the established Shramik Sahayata Kendra. Pepus is also imparting vocational training among youth for creating the better livelihood alternatives among the youth of migrant families.

Shramik Sahayata Kendra

Shramik Sahayta Kendra have been established to extend support to the migrant brick kiln labourers both source and destination that can retard their problems. Two Shramik Sahayata Kendra at block level one in Kaurihar block, Distt. -    Allahabad and second in  Bihar block , Distt. Pratapgarh have been delivering services to migrant labourers.


Counseling Services to Labourers
Shramik Sahyata Kendra has made their recognition among the brick kiln labourers. Labourers contact Shramik Sahyata Kendra for resolving their disputes and to seek alternates to their socio- legal problems.

Shramik Sahayata Kendra offer need based counseling on regular basis and support to Labourers. Counseling has been provided for the issues like Identity card, agreement, loan, opening of bank account, employment etc.

Identity cards

Due to lack of identity cards migrants workers face many problems like during the journey police interrogate about them but workers found unable themselves to proof their identity and also unable give their address and identity at work place for avoiding the such type of problems PEPUS is making identity card of migrant laboures.

Iqrarnama (Agreement)

Before migration, labourers took advance from the Master firemen or contractor. Subsequently labourers who have direct contact to brick kiln owners they took advance from the owner.

While taking an advance labourers make a deal with Master firemen or contractor with regard to lodging, fooding and wage, but this deal takes place in oral form. Due to absence of any written documents (which can prove the deal) create many problems. For resolving the problems PEPUS started the process of Iqrarnama which has the all provision of dealing in written form. This Iqrarnama comprise all terms and condition of working and wage rates in written form. This Iqrarnama is helpful to avoid exploitation from the contractor or owner end.

Legal Counseling /Dispute settlement
Labourers contact Shramik Sahayata Kendra to seek possible alternates to their problems. Depending upon nature of the problems Shramik Sahayata Kendra provide legal counseling and advise to find possible legal opportunities to labourers for resolving the problems. The common problems which are usually raised by the laboures are as follows-
  • Non payments of wages by kiln owners.
  • Delayed payments by master firemen and the contractors to brick kiln labourers.
  • Non payment of pension.
  • Mutual disputes.
  • Compensation after tragedy or accident.
At Shramik Sahayta Kendras labourers register their disputes. After the fact finding the President of BPVSS sends a formal notice to the opponents in the letter pad of BPVSS.
In presence of both the parties at Shramik Sahayata Kendra it is tried to resolve their problems by mutual dialogue. Problems which could not be solved throw mutual dialogue the same is moved to legal help/ legal action.
Vocational Training
The wages paid to the labourers are insufficient to the needs of the families. Hence process of skill formation and up-gradation programmes are organized so as to increase the number of skilled man power that can facilitate employment opportunities to youth of target families. Keeping these in view PEPUS carried out vocational training programmes to up grade skill in different trades viz. mobile repairing, computer, carpentry, motor cycle repairing and photography.
Adolescent girl’s Education & Training Center (AGEC)
In our project area we are running seven educations & training center for adolescent girls.These centers are established for skill training and building self confidence development among the adolescent girls. In said centers, trainings in weaving, tailoring, painting and embroidery are provided by the instructors of centers.
Besides above said activities with adolescent girls who are attaining functional education and training on weaving, tailoring, painting and embroidery they are also getting awareness on life skill and reproductive health education. The girls also receive education on issues such as child health, HIV& AIDS, gender and gender based discrimination, violence against women along with personal health & hygiene.
Efforts for the opening of bank account
During the study it was found that there are very less number of laboures using the services of bank or post office for remittance. Along with this it’s also found same for bank account. For motivating laboures for saving and opening of bank account, PEPUS is extending motivation and counseling services to laboures at Shramik Sahayata Kendra on regular basis.
Health Camp

Important information related to community health issues were disseminated to members of the community through the health camps. Medical officer from respective PHC carried out examination and check up and also distributed the medicine free of cost to target community members.

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