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Case Study

Emergence and History

Paryavaran Evam Prodyogiki Utthan Samiti (PEPUS) came into its existence in 1990 by efforts of some like minded people to do some work for the welfare of the downtrodden section of the society.

PEPUS started its initial work on environment conservation in Baharia Block of Allahabad district and in the year of 1994 it switched over to the tribal area of Naugarh Block of Chandauli district (earlier it was in Varanasi district). Initially Pepus started work in 5 villages on child education, organizational building and women empowerment with the support of CRY and Oxfam (India) Trust. Gradually Pepus expanded its work area in 20 villages of same block focusing on integrated development. In 2001 Pepus expanded its work area in another districts of Uttar Pradesh i.e. Allahabad and Pratapgarh districts.

A large area of Kaurihar block of Allahabad district and Bihar block of Pratapgarh district is inhabited by the population of Brick Kiln workers. The Brick Kiln worker's families mostly belong to Dalit and underprivileged community. They face exploitation on brick kiln sites by the kiln owners as well as in the society. Being deprived of information and facilities they fall in economically and socially weaker sections of the society.

PEPUS started to work with these families with a research study on their traditional knowledge of firing bricks and their life processes. On the basis of findings derived after the study projects on Organizational Strengthening and Livelihood promotion was started by PEPUS among these families. Noticing the bad effect of Brick Kilns (BTK's) on the surroundings and environmental pollution caused by it, an environment friendly brick kiln called Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln(VSBK) with comparatively much low environment pollution was also established by PEPUS through the community.

Currently Pepus is working in four blocks of three districts i.e. Naugarh block of Chandauli district, Kaurihar and Holagarh blocks of Allahabad district and Bihar block of Pratapgarh district.

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