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Case Study

Development of Women Farmers
It is generally found that only men are recognized as farmers in the society, although women do about 70% of the farming work but still today they are never known as a farmer. Whenever one thinks about a farmer, only an image of a man is raised in his mind.

The Kaurihar Block of Allahabad District, where PEPUS is working, is inhabited mostly by brick kiln worker's families. In these families the men members migrate for 6 to 8 months to work on brick kilns to other states or districts. The female members stay throughout the year with their children in the village. They manage all the household activities including farming too. Although they perform 80% of farming work but still they are not identified as farmers.

In this area Pepus is working to empower women and children (including girls), so Pepus felt that women of this particular area should also be recognized as farmer and for this purpose Pepus is taking efforts like awareness generation among community on this issue. Organization is implementing some programmes with marginal farmers like making groups of small farmers to provide irrigation machine on loan and in this group it is made compulsory that at least 50% of total no. of members should be female.

In the focus area it was found that no one is responsible for the condition happening in the security matter in the given to the organization and the things from the last decade
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