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Case Study

Case Study
This is story of Mrs. Genda Devi resident of village-Karaha Talab, Block-Kaudihar ,Distt.-Allahabad. Husband of Genda Devi, Mr. Ramdev went for work with Master fireman Mr. Babulal (contractor) in brick kiln situated in Bijnaur Distt. Ramdev worked 7 month at brick kiln, at the end of season when he demanded  for the money then contractor go through the ledger and found that ha have to give Rs. 10000 to Ramdev. After the demanding for the unpaid wage money contractor gave Rs. 500 for travel fare and assured that when he returned to the home will pay the rest money. After one week when contractor reached their village Ramdev went to their home and said for the payment of unpaid money then contractor told that tomorrow I will come at your home with money. After waiting for one week when contractor did not come at their home then Ramdev again went to home of contractor , he was not at home and wife of contractor told that he went to brick kiln owner for taking advance tomorrow you will get money at your home.after the one week when contractor did not come at their home then Ramdev sent to his wife at home of contractor for money but again happen same thing and wife of contractor given threats to her that we will not give money and don’t come again at my home  after returning from the home of contractor he told ever thing to husband. One day during the village level meeting Genda Devi met to member of BPVSS Mr. Rajkumar and share her problem then Mr. Rajkumr suggested for coming at office of BPVSS. Next day Genda Devi reached at office of BPVSS and registered their problems by submitting a complain letter. Then BPVSS sent a letter to contractor for coming at BPVSS office but he did not come to office. Then member of BPVSS reached at home of contractor then wife contractor told that he went to brick kiln and when he returned will pay the money, but contractor again not paid money. Then member of BPVSS suggested for the police complain but despite of police complain money could not be received. While making efforts for the payment many villagers told that there is no meaning to make such efforts he will not give money but Genda Devi did not lost her hope and courage and with the help BPVSS she reached at Tahseel Diwas and registered their complain but again money could not received. Genda Devi did not accepted the defeat and again reached at Tahseel Diwas then DM ordered to police for taking action and then police caught to contractor and told for the payment of unpaid wage he become ready for payment and given unpaid money to Genda Devi. Due to struggle of Genda Devi other brick kiln labourers could also get their unpaid payment from the contractor and now they are accepting Genda Devi as a leader.


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