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Case Study

Case Study (Iqrarnama (Agreement) hai to dar kahe ka)
This is case study of Mr. Chhedilal resident of village- Kamalapur ,Block- Kaudihar ,Distt.- Allahabad, who is fireman doing the work of firing in brick kiln. Mr. Chhedilal who migrates in Panjab, Hariyana and Bihar state for the work of firing in brick kiln used to migrate without making any written deal regarding the wage and other facilities. They make deal but this deal took place in oral form which creates problems while payment of wage. In month Oct. 2010  Mr. Chhedilal went to Hisar with Master fireman Mr. kamlesh making oral deal for wage of Rs. 3500 per month but at the end of season Mr. Kamlesh made payment on the wage rate of 3000 per month. Although Mr. Chhedilal made many efforts for receiving unpaid money but could not get due to lack of any written documents which can proof their deal. In next season (2011) Master firman Mr. Ramlakhan offer the work to Chhedilal for firing work in brick kiln in Nepal ,Mr. Chhedila get scared experiencing past incident of less payment. Meanwhile some one told  to Chhedilal about Technical Counseling Center, Kamalapur  run by PEPUS and he contacted to Mr. Ramnaresh ,staff of Technical Counseling Center, Chhedilal shared their incident of unpaid wage, then Mr. Ramnaresh told about the Iqrarnama (Agreement) , Chhedilal accepted the importance of Iqraranam and told to Mr. Ramlakhan (Master fireman) that he will not went for work without making Iqrarnama, firstly Mr. Ramlakahan refused for making Iqrarnama but when he felt that he is not ready to work without Iqrarnama he become agree and then both sign in Iqrarnama at Technical Counseling Center,Kamalapur. After the end of work season when Chhedilal returned from the Nepal he thanked to Mr. Ramnaresh and told that due to Iqrarnama I could receive the complete payment and I will never migrate without Iqrarnama. Now the migrant worker contacts themselves at Technical Counseling Center for making Iqrarnama because due to Iqrarnama contactor could not deny for giving complete payment.


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